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Benno Hessler
Benno Hessler

Photography has been my passion since I was young. It was not only photography as such that fascinated me, but also the technical details of the various camera types. When digital photography saw the light of day, I jumped on the bandwagon at quite an early stage because I could actually sense the huge potential of this new technology.

For several years, photography had always been my favourite spare time activity. In 2001, however, I decided to turn my hobby into a profession. Firstly, I participated in developing a new technical magazine on digital photography and then introducing it to the market. Within a very short time, this magazine became the leading monthly publication on digital photography throughout Germany. For more than 10 years, I was the magazine’s Executive Editor for the ‘Test and Technology’ segment. My core competencies in this field lie in digital SLR cameras, interchangeable lenses and flashes.

At the end of 2011 I established myself as a freelance journalist and photographer, allowing me to fully dedicate myself to writing specialised books on digital photography. My books are being published by ‘Point of Sale’, a publishing house having enjoyed a prodigious reputation for decades. Therein, I endeavour to place great emphasis on a practical approach, enabling readers to learn in an understandable way how to combine the technical potential of today's digital cameras with perfect photographic artistry. As a matter of course, I will continue to write about the most interesting innovations in the field of digital SLR photography, not least since I very much enjoy introducing these unique cameras to the greatest possible number of amateur photographers.

In addition to my work as an author, I offer  photography courses in small groups on the island of Lanzarote. These workshops provide many useful tips and tricks on photography and camera technology, enabling  participants to benefit from my experience.

Are you planning to spend your vacation on Lanzarote? If so, would you be interested in participating in a course on photography while on the island? Do not hesitate to contact me should this be the case. We would definitely accommodate your time schedule, making a place available for you in one of our courses.

Enjoy photography!